Learn. Practice. Reinforce.

Tailored cyber range platform for all levels, catering to beginners and pros. Expertly designed with custom content to boost cybersecurity skills.

A platform where you can reinforce what you have learned by applying it

Real-life scenarios and laboratories where you can use the training you have took and what you have learned in practice.


Scenarios provide an ideal environment to understand the tactics used by cyber attackers and develop defense strategies.

Are you ready to experience real world scenarios?

  • Realistic and storified scenarios
  • Scenario tasks
  • User-specific simulation environment
  • Scenarios specific to each field


You can reinforce what you have learned and gain experience with the tasks specially assigned to you according to your activities.

Experience cyber security, be ready for the attack!

  • Instant tasks
  • Tasks assigned specifically to your activities
  • Practice and laboratory tasks


Subject-oriented labs help you learn the relevant subject in depth and explore practical techniques.

Learn cybersecurity with practice!

  • Subject-oriented laboratories
  • Resources
  • Questions

Learn by practice with a unique learning model

The hands-on training module on our platform is an ideal option for anyone who wants to be experienced in the world of cybersecurity!

Hands-On Trainings

By following step-by-step instructions, you will both learn and gain experience.

  • Guiding instructions
  • Virtual environments to practice
  • Web Browser
  • Terminal
  • Code Editor

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  • Basic Trainings
  • Basic Paths
  • Basic Labs
  • 1 hour per day HackerBox
  • 3 Scenarios





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  • All Trainings
  • All Paths
  • All Labs
  • 4 hour per day HackerBox
  • 4 hour daily access to all scenarios





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  • All Trainings
  • All Paths
  • All Labs
  • Unlimited access to HackerBox
  • Unlimited access to all scenarios

Try Hackviser, a content-rich cyber range platform equipped with innovative features.

Hackviser offers an ideal environment with hands-on training, path, laboratory and scenario modules where cybersecurity experts of all levels can improve their skills and learn new techniques.