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Refund Policy

Last updated: February 06, 2024


At Hackviser, we are committed to providing our subscribers with exceptional value and quality in our services. Our subscription model is designed to offer continuous access to our products/services, ensuring that our customers benefit from ongoing updates, enhancements, and support. Given the nature of our subscription services, we have a strict no-refund policy.


We do not offer refunds or credits for subscription charges in the following circumstances:

  1. After Subscription Activation: Once a subscription is activated, we cannot offer a refund for the current billing cycle. This applies to both monthly and annual subscription plans.

  2. Partial Use or Non-use: Refunds will not be issued for periods where the subscription was partially used or not used at all. It is the subscriber's responsibility to utilize the service during their subscription period.

  3. Automatic Renewals: For subscriptions that renew automatically, it is the subscriber's responsibility to cancel the subscription before the renewal date if they do not wish to continue. We will not refund charges if a subscription is renewed.

  4. Cancellation of Subscription: If a subscription is cancelled, the cancellation will take effect at the end of the current billing cycle. Access to the subscription service will remain active until then, but no refunds will be provided for the cancellation period.


Our refund policy is final, but we may consider exceptions in certain extraordinary circumstances. Any exceptions to this policy will be at the sole discretion of Hackviser and must be requested through formal communication.

Contact Us

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