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Meet Hackviser

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Sinan Ganiz

Welcome to Hackviser – your one-stop platform for transforming from a cybersecurity beginner to a pro hacker!

Hackviser is not just another learning platform; it is an expertly designed cybersecurity upskilling platform.


We have redefined learning and skill development in cybersecurity as an immersive, interactive journey, leading to the birth of Hackviser.

Learning cybersecurity isn't just about acquiring theoretical knowledge, a fact universally acknowledged in the cyber world. To truly grasp cybersecurity, one must experience attack and defense vectors hands-on.

Hackviser offers the best way to apply your theoretical knowledge in a legal, safe, and enjoyable manner. Through realistic and narrative-driven scenarios,

Our approach is simple: learn by doing.

Warmups: Your Gateway to Mastering Machine Hacking

Are you new to the world of cybersecurity? Or perhaps you're looking to strengthen your skills in specific areas? If so, the 'Warmups' feature on Hackviser is precisely what you need.

Warmups are not just a starting point; they're a transformative journey into the realm of machine hacking. Whether you're a complete beginner or looking to refine your existing skills, Warmups provide a structured and engaging path to proficiency.

Three-Stage Learning Process

Warmups feature is meticulously designed to facilitate skill development through a three-stage process. This approach ensures a gradual and comprehensive learning curve, making it suitable for all levels of expertise.

Stage 1: Discovering Common Service Vulnerabilities

Stage 1 of Warmups is meticulously crafted to introduce users to the world of common service vulnerabilities. It's the perfect starting point for those embarking on their cybersecurity journey. In this stage, you'll encounter machines with misconfigured services - a frequent entry point for many cyber attacks.

Stage 2: Advanced Vulnerabilities and Cybersecurity Tools

Stage 2 takes the journey a step further. Here, you'll dive into more advanced vulnerabilities, particularly in web security, and familiarize yourself with common cybersecurity tools. This stage is tailored for those who have grasped the basics and are ready to tackle more complex challenges.

Stage 3: Mastering Exploits and Privilege Escalation

Stage 3 is designed for those who are ready to master popular exploits and develop effective hacking methodologies. This advanced stage focuses on penetration techniques and privilege escalation, key skills for any seasoned hacker.

Scenarios: A Comprehensive & Realistic Cyber Security Experience

Scenarios feature stands out as a cornerstone of cybersecurity learning, offering an innovative and immersive approach to mastering digital security skills. These Scenarios, featuring machines that reflect real-world situations, are designed to provide users with a realistic and engaging cybersecurity experience.

Types of Scenarios

Offensive Scenarios: These scenarios focus on honing skills in identifying and exploiting security vulnerabilities, where participants emulate the role of an attacker to infiltrate target systems.

Defensive Scenarios: Participants practice defending against cyber attacks, with a key focus on analyzing these attacks to gather insights about the attackers and assess the extent of damage to the systems.

Strategic Scenarios: Strategic scenarios require a comprehensive approach, combining both offensive and defensive tactics. Participants must not only respond to and defend against threats but also analyze attacks to understand their impact and the attackers' methodologies.

Labs: Deep-Dive into Cybersecurity Expertise

Laboratories offer comprehensive content focused on the sub-disciplines and specific topics of cybersecurity.

They not only help you gain practical experience in general areas such as attack and analysis techniques but also assist in acquiring hands-on skills in more specific subjects, including working on particular vulnerabilities.

Labs are a unique blend of detailed study and hands-on practice, designed to elevate your cybersecurity skills to a new level.

Key Features

Specialized Cybersecurity Topics: Each Lab targets specific areas within cybersecurity, allowing you to explore and master topics that align with your interests or career aspirations.

Practical Skills Development: Move beyond theoretical knowledge. Labs provide a environment to gain and refine practical skills, especially in handling specific vulnerabilities and advanced cyber threats.

Customized Learning Experience: Whether you're a novice in the cybersecurity world or a seasoned professional, Labs offer tailored content to suit your skill level and learning pace.

HackerBox: We bring cybersecurity tools to your browser

Goodbye complex setups 👋

Introducing HackerBox, a standout feature of Hackviser that revolutionizes your cybersecurity learning and practice. HackerBox is a user-friendly, web-browser-accessible attack machine, equipped with a suite of essential cybersecurity tools. It's designed to streamline and enhance your experience on Hackviser, making it an indispensable tool for both beginners and experienced cybersecurity enthusiasts.

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